Thorcom Root-CA


This page is provided to allow you to download and install the Thorcom Systems Ltd. Root Certificate Authority (THORCOM-ROOT-CA) signing key to your system.


Thorcom provides secure solutions for a wide range of applications and users including emergency service, public utilities, public transport and other customers in the UK, Europe and worl-wide.

Many of our systems include a secure management portal ("Webmin") and/or reporting services delivered over the web. Our systems often run on private networks (rather than the public internet) and use of public key infrastructure isn't always practical or possible. We solve this by using our own Certificate Authority (CA) and issuing our own keys for our systems.

About the Thorcom-CA certificate

In order for your device(s) to trust our servers' certificates (which have been signed by the Thorcom Root-CA) without generating a security warning or blocking access to our systems you need to add the Thorcom CA public key to your key store.

If you do not know what this is for then do not proceed.

Installing the Thorcom-CA cerificate

Before you continue, please read the terms and conditions by downloading and installing the certificate you indicate that you accept these terms and conditions.

I have read the terms and conditions and I want to download the THORCOM ROOT-CA CERTIFICATE.

Depending on your web browser, computer or device the certificate may be installed automatically or you may have to manually 'click' on the certificate and run an import wizzard or setup tool. If your system asks you to name the certificate we recommend that you name it "Thorcom Root-CA".